Sunday, November 15, 2015

An update on books and some other stuff

I love reading. Adore it. Lately though I have been listening to books. They accompany me on my runs and it's fantastic. I still call it reading, even though it's listening. By doing it this way I'm able to read a book a week, or very nearly so.

I'm also resurrecting this blog. It's a good outlet for me to write the random things my brain thinks.

I read The Martian three times. You need to go read it RIGHT NOW. And don't watch the movie.

Following The Martian I was absorbed in Ready Player One; a great throwback to the 80's.

Then I read some self development books, which were good but I have one major problem with this entire category of non-fiction (well, maybe not the whole category but all the books I've read): every single author is in a committed relationship. It makes it very difficult to accept and apply the principles they introduce to my own personal relationships, or lack thereof.

I just finished The Devil in the White City. I wish I could have experienced a World's Fair. I know I get to experience the world now in a greater capacity but those events were so glorious.